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Why use drip irrigation? Drip is a good way to save water and put it right where you need it. Drip works great under plastic mulch,natural mulch, or laid on top of soil right along side of plants. If used along side of plant it will keep the foliage dry and less chance of disease. A few rules to follow with drip irrigation is: ALWAYS USE A FILTER. A REGULATOR IS A MUST IF YOU IRRIGATE OFF A PRESSURE SYSTEM. It is even a wise idea to use a filter with well water. No water supply is 100% clean. If water source is a stream, pond, river or lake, a sand filter is a must. It is a wise idea to add a spin clean filter after sand filter to catch any sand particles that escape out of sand filter. Remember, a plugged drip line is just a hose.

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Chapin is one of the leaders in drip irrigation. It is considered a 1 year tape, put it can be used the 2nd year if properly stored and protected from mice. Operating pressure is 10 PSI. Over 20 PSI, you will take a chance of bursting.
Manufactured from special grade virgin plastic using state-of-the art technology that guarantees the best results.
Precision formed flow path channels.
Large cross-sectional, hydraulically designed high vortex, turbulent flow-path that makes it a clog resistant drip tape.
Off center slit outlets restricts water movement along the tape and ensures each drop falls to the soil.
Slit outlet, prevents entrance of the soil through outlet.
Lower tension while winding ensures less retraction in the field and avoids kinking.
Excellent CVm and emitter exponent makes longer length of run possible.
Minimum 100 micron filtration recommended.


 Drip tube is used in orchards, vineyards, mum pads or any where long term drip line is used. Pressure compensating emitters work
with pressures from 15 PSI to 60 PSI. Emitter size, 0.53 GPH. Made of 18 MM ( 1/2″ ) orchard tubing. All rolls are 1,000, long.

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Chapin, T-Tape, DRIP TUBE


1000', 3000', 6000', 7500'


8 mil, 10 mil


12", 18", 24", 36", 4", 6", 8"

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