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Drip Tube fittings


Fittings for Drip Tube  Will not fit Drip Tape

Power lock coupler
MHT X power lock
FHT X power lock
3/4″ soc X power lock
3/4″ soc x PL w/valve
.400 barb X Power lock.
.400 barb x powerlock w/valve
Powerlock coupler with valve.
Powerlock x layflat
Powerlock tee.
Powerlock ell

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Power lock coupler, MHT X power lock, FHT X power lock, 3/4" soc X power lock, 3/4" soc x PL w/valve, .400 barb X Power lock., .400 barb x powerlock w/valve, Powerlock coupler with valve., Powerlock x layflat, Powerlock tee., Powerlock ell


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