Ball Blue Book Guide to Preserving

128 pages paper back New & Revised Edition

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Ball canning jars

1/2 pint – 1 pint – quart jars – Jelly jars  -> 12 in a case

1 1/2 pint -> 9 in a case

1/2 gallon -> 6 in a case

1 decorative gallon wide mouth -> 4 in a case

All jars come with lids and bands

Freezer jars come 3-8 oz or 2-16 oz per pack

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Ball® Utensil Set

The Ball® Utensil Set helps you safely and easily handle hot jars and lids, fill jars, measure headspace and remove air bubbles. Set includes: Jar Funnel: Place in mouth of jar to fill without spilling Jar Lifter: Safely lift jars out of hot water with the blue gripping end Lid Lifter: Lift lids out of hot water with the magnetic … Read More

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Presto 23 Qt. Canner

Presto – Pressure Canner
Root & Branches SS – The VKP1130 Stainless Steel Multi-Use Canner is the ultimate in canning versatility. The clad bottom works great on all cook surfaces including induction. The built-in Temperature Indicator features 3 color-coded elevation settings to help insure correct processing by either steam or water bath method. Tempered glass lid with steam vent.
Root & Branches Aluminum – Using the Aluminum Steam Canner is a safe method for canning high acid foods (pH 4.6 or lower). It is also a highly efficient method using considerably less water and energy than water bath canning. Using only two and a half quarts of water to produce the steam, the steam canner comes up to temperature much more quickly than water bath canning.

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Cherry Stoner

The Back to Basics Cherry Stoner reduces the time it takes to remove pits from cherries and minimizes wasted fruit.

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Great for canning applesauce, mashed potatoes, rice, or to strain anything. Holds 3 1/2 qts shipping wt 15 lbs

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Lids, Bands, Caps

Lids, Bands, Storage Caps for your canning needs

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Silk Away Corn Brush

Pressing down firmly and brushing with little effort will remove the silks

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Stainless Steel Steamer/ Juicer / Cooker


  • Will extract juice from fruits and vegetables through the power of steam
  • Can be used as a stock pot, roaster, colander and steamer
  • Stock pot has an 8 quart liquid capacity and a clad bottom for even heating
  • Colander holds up to 8 quarts of fruits or vegetables
  • Smooth top and induction range compatible
  • Comes with silicone juice hose and stainless steel clamp
  • All stainless steel design
  • Dishwasher safe

Measures: 7.5″ x 10.75″ x 8.5″ / 19cm x 27cm x 21.5cm
Capacity: 4QT/3.8L

Set includes stainless steel stockpot, steamer insert and vented, tempered glass lid.

Perfect size for steaming vegetables, seafood or meat dishes. Steaming retains vitamins and minerals, making it a healthier way to cook.

Use without steamer to cook pasta, heat soups, sauces, milk, boil eggs and water.

The TRI-PLY ENCAPSULATED base gives you uniform cooking, no hot spots and quick, efficient heat conductivity.

Stainless steel construction with mirror finish.

Hand washing recommended.

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Tattler Reusable Lids & Rings
Tattler Reusable Lids & Rings

Have you seen this product yet? re-usable canning lids They cost 3 or 4 times as much as the traditional throw-away canning lid flats, but the whole thing, including the rubber band, is indefinitely re-usable.


Wide Mouth

Additional rings

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Victorio Food Strainer Model # 250

The Victorio Food Strainer is ideal for homemade jams, purees and sauces. Time consuming recipes are simplified when you use this Food Strainer. Take pleasure in home food preservation and buy yours today.

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