PLANTING: Rhubarb roots will grow in acid, alkaline, sandy, clay or any type of black soil. If potting, use any type of potting soil. To plant root cutting, make a hole as deep as the division. Place division in hole with bud facing up. Bulb should be 1″ above soil line. Do not cover crown of division or it will die. Plants should be spaced 24″ apart. Best time to plant rhubarb is in the spring. Rhubarb is a cool weather loving plantand likes it’s feet dry. If planted in a low place, plant in a raised bed.


After the 2nd year, you may start to harvest the stalks. Sorry no rhubarb roots sold in CA, NV, UT or WA. Roots are usually available around Mid-March. We will begin taking orders around mid December and stop when we run out. In the comments section on the check out sheet, indicate when youwould like delivery.

RHUBARB SEEDS Approximately 2,100 seeds per oz.
CULTURE: Sow seeds in early spring, in fine well worked soil. Place seeds 1/4″ deep, 12-18″ apart. Seeds may also be started indoors in 3″ peat pots with a good soil substitute like Berger BM-2. After plants are a nice size, transplant outdoors 18″ apart in a row spacing of 3-4 foot. Do not harvest stalks from plants until the 2nd or 3rd. year. If using as an annual crop, stalks can be harvested in the 1st year and new plants the following year again.

Rhubarb Roots

Sweet, juicy stalks that are cherry-red clear through.

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Victoria – roots

Of the several hundred thousand heirloom vegetable varieties throughout the world

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