PLANTING: After soil has warmed up to 65F ( 70-75F for SH2 & SH2SL ) till soil fine and loose. Enrich with
compost or fertilizer, as corn is a heavy feeder. Direct sow seeds, 1-1.5″ deep, 5-10″ apart on a row spacing
of 30-36″ apart. For best results, plant in blocks of 3-4 rows, instead of 1 long row. Isolate different corn varieties
by a distance of 100-150′ or by maturity. Keep soil moist and weed free. After corn is about a foot tall, we like to
add Bradfield fertilizer at the rate of 5 lbs per 100′ right on row just before tilling or cultivating soil. If you use
a chemical fertilizer, do not put it on row or you may burn plants. HARVEST: When kernels are full, but still in the
milky stage, pick ears from plants. Husk and use fresh, can, dry or freeze for later use.
You will need 1/4 LB per 100′ of row or about 10 pounds per acre.
The letter or letters after each sweet corn variety stands for the following:
F1 Hybrid. Possesses superior vigor and yielding qualities. You cannot save
seeds from hybrids as hybrid seed has to be crossed from pure parent lines
each time to get the same results.
OP Open pollinated. Low sugar content and not as sweet as a hybrid. Resembles
field corn. This one you can save seed from, if kept pure.
SU Standard Sugary type. 8-18% sugar content. A good choice for a diabetic.
SG Sweet Gene/25% SH2. 25% sugar content. Isolation desirable and needs
warm soil, above 70F to germinate.
HSE Heterozygous Sugar Enhancer. 20-25% sugar content and tender. Isolation desirable
RM Tolerant or resistant to Common Rust and Maize Dwarf Mosaic
SE Homozygous Sugar Enhancer. 30-40% sugar content and tender. Isolation desirable.
SG Synergistic, combines the characteristics of both super sweet & sugar enhanced varieties.
SH2 Shrunken 2. 35-45% sugar content, crisp and a high seed count per pound
of seed. Needs isolation and extra warm soil, 70F or above or seed will rot before
SH2SL Improved Shrunken 2 Super Lite. 45-50% sugar content, crisp and tender.
Isolation needed. Needs extra warm soil, 70F or above or seed will rot
before germinating.
TS Triple sweet, new class of 75% SE & 25% SH2 kernels on the same ear, longer lasting sweetness
then SE.

Argent F1 SE
Argent F1 SE

86 days. A white version of the famous Incredible.

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Country Gentleman OP

95 days. Also known as Shoepeg.

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Hickory King White OP

90 days. Large, wide, deep white kernels.

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Silver Duchess F1

78 days. (1326 HU) If you are looking for a super sweet white sweet corn, this is the one. Produces tall 8′ tall plants with a 9″, 16 row count that is filled to the tip with good coverage. Intermediate resistance to common rust, stewart’s wilt & northern corn blight. Treated seed.

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Silver King F1 SE

SILVER KING F1 SE 84 days.

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Silver Queen F1 SU

89 days. Most popular white sweet corn of them all

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Stowells Evergreen OP

90 days. Big on size and lavor.

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Truckers Favorite Yellow/White

105 days. Yellow, dent, field corn,usedfor roasting at milk stage.

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