POPCORN Approximately 2,500 seeds/LB
PLANTING: After soil has warmed up to 65F ( 70-75F for SH2 & SH2SL ) till soil fine and loose. Enrich with
compost or fertilizer, as corn is a heavy feeder. Direct sow seeds, 1-1.5″ deep, 5-10″ apart on a row spacing
of 30-36″ apart. For best results, plant in blocks of 3-4 rows, instead of 1 long row. Isolate different corn varieties
by a distance of 100-150′ or by maturity. Keep soil moist and weed free. After corn is about a foot tall, we like to
add Bradfield fertilizer at the rate of 5 lbs per 100′ right on row just before tilling or cultivating soil. If you use
a chemical fertilizer, do not put it on row or you may burn plants.
HARVEST: After stalk has dried down, pick an ear of popcorn and test pop it. If it pops good
you are ready to pick popcorn. If not, wait 2-3 weeks and retry. Ears can also be picked as soon as stalk is completely dried down
and a brown color. Pick ears, husk and cure in a dry, cool place for 3-4 weeks or until it pops well. Shell and use.
HINT: After shelling, store popcorn in the freezer. When ready to use, take out of freezer and pop when still frozen. Pops better.


110 days. 6′ tall stalk grows a colorful ear, 3-4″ longin a wide range of colors Highly decorative.

not rated $5.60$555.00 Select options
Japanese Hulless

110 days. White.

not rated $1.90$170.00 Select options
not rated $13.80$1,345.00 Select options
Purdue 410 F1

105 days. A large kenneled yellow hybrid popcorn with a 40 to 1 expansion ratio for giant pops.

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South American Yellow

110 days. Super yields of 2-3 large 9″ long ears per stalk.

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105 days. This charming little popcorn gets it’s name from it’s tiny, broad ears of mahogany red kernels.

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