For you deer hunters wanting to feed that big buck or just help them grow, here are some foods for them. Also works great for other wildlife. All seeds need to be covered in tilled soil.

Austrain Winter Peas
Austrain Winter Peas

Closely related to the garden pea.

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Big Buck Annual Mix

Big Buck Annual Deer Mix is an annual mix that provides fast growing, high protein annual brassicas

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The most popular cover crop there is.

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Butterfly Milkweed

Asclepias tuberosa is a species of milkweed native to eastern North America. It is a perennial plant growing to 0.3–1 metre (1 ft 0 in–3 ft 3 in) tall, with clustered orange or yellow flowers from early summer to early fall. The leaves are spirally arranged, lanceolate, 5–12 cm long, and 2–3 cm broad. This plant favors dry, sand or … Read More

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Detroit Dark Red
Detroit Dark Red


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Perevodic Sunflowers

Peredovik sunflower seed (90-100 day maturity) Planting dates: Plant as soon as possible in spring, usually corn planting time is about right. Planting rates: Plant in rows, 3-5 lb. (16,000-22,000 seeds) per acre depending on seed size.

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Western Sugar Beet
Western Sugar Beet

Sugar beet grows exclusively in the temperate zone

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Wildlife Chicory perennial

The Wildlife Super Food.

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