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Dwarf Sungold (Teddy Bear)

65-75 days. This adorable 3.5″ sunflower produces very little pollen while growing on a 35-42″ tall stalk. It has multiple branches and works well for cut flowers. 1370 seeds per ounce. Untreated seed. Sold by weight

Autumn Beauty
7′ tall plant has blooms up to 8″ across. Colors of blooms are
red, orange, yellow and brown. Can be used for cut flowers. Also in organic. Sold by weight

Mammoth Gray Striped

Bright yellow flowers, up to 20″ across on top
of a 12′ plant.  Also in organic. Sold by weight

Sunbright F1
30″ tall. Golden yellow petals with a brown
disk. Pollen less. 4-6″ blooms. Sold by count

Vincent’s Choice F1
5-6 ft tall, pollen-free & day-neutral for year round production. Short 8-10 week crop cycle.Broad nicely rounded petals for a semi-double look. Small upper leaves for easier shipping & arranging. Deep orange petals & brown center. Sold by count

Chocolate Cherry
Mouthwatering beautiful burgundy petals that are chocolate brown at the edge with yellow streaks on the underside. They are a joy to behold growing 54″ tall with 10-24″ long stems that work great in a cut flower assortment. Sold by weight

Peredovic Sunflowers

Pereedovic Sunflowers are a tall (3-4.5 ft tall), black seeded sunflower with high oil content and produce small compact seed heads.
Peredovic Sunflowers are an excellent choice for wildlife food plots for larger ruminants (deer, elk, etc) and for all types of fowl (ducks, doves, etc).
Peredovic Sunflowers are a meatier sunflower with a thinner outer shell, making them easier for birds and wildlife to eat.
Wildlife and birds also prefer the taste of the smaller seeded Peredovic sunflowers over the larger, striped varieties of sunflowers. Sold by weight

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SUNFLOWERS 900 to 1,900 seeds per oz. Direct sow seeds after all danger of frost is past and soil has warmed up. Place seeds 1-1.5″ deep, 6-9″ apart. After emergence, thin to a 12-18″ spacing, saving the most healthy plants. Seeds can also be started indoors and transplanted outdoors for earlier blooms. You will need 120,000 seeds per acre or 200 seeds per 100′ row. HARVEST: For fresh cut flowers, cut blooms as soon as they are fully open. For bird food, let heads mature before cutting. Dry heads in the sun or under cover in a dry place. After heads are dry, hang whole head outside for the birds or rub heads over a pail with a frame made with 1/4″ hardware cloth. Seeds can also be toasted and enjoyed as a nutritional snack.

I do not have an image for all of these products. If you buy and raise any of these products this year and send me an image of it, I will give you a free pack for next year. Send to” errolahlers@morgancountyseeds.com. Please include your name, address, and product name.

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Dwarf Sungold, Autumn Beauty, Organic Autumn Beauty, Mammoth Gray Striped, Organic Mammoth Gray Striped, Sunbright F1, Chocolate Cherry, Peredovic, Vincents Choice


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    We grew Autumn Beauty and Sunbright F1 summer of 2020. All seeds we sowed by hand, really just tossing seeds around a small area. These flowers came in so perfectly!

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