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High quality, portable sprayers made of high grade chemical compounds guarantees complete protection against corrosion & allows a wide range of applications. The sprayers feature an agronomical pump & carry comfortable backpack carrying frame and large opening for easy filling. 4 gallon. Use piston for liquids
and diaphragm for liquids or wettable powders.

Drift guard with nozzle for Solo sprayers.

Ultraviolet resistant, translucent polyethylene tank.
Extra wide, 3 1/4″ mouth opening for easy fill and cleaning.
Automatic or manual pressure relief valve with pressure
indicator ring. Fast pressurizing, 10″ non-corroding
polymer pump. Heavy duty 18″ rotating wand with
adjustable brass nozzle.

1 Gallon Solo Basic
1 Gallon Chapin XP
2 gallon Gilmour
3 gallon Chapin XP
4 gallon Chapin backpack

Chapin XP series sprayers repair kit

Looking for the top of the line handheld, knapsack or backpack sprayer? If you are, Kwazar brand is what you want. Well made units. All units come with a adjustable nozzle that adjusts from a very fine mist to a stream. If you are foliar feeding fertilizer
to plants, this is the sprayer you need. Works great for fertilizer and pesticides. Made in Poland.

Venus 1 1/2 liter
Venus 2 liter
Orion 9 liter
Orion 12 liter
Neptune 15 liter
Herbicide shield

Danville No Drift Chemical Applicators

Apply chemicals through a porous roller that makes direct contact with the plant.

Edger4 4″ edger $175.00
Egder6 6″ edger $175.00
Edger12 12″ edger $185.00
Edger18 18″ edger

Hand model DEX30
Comes with a 4 gallon tank for less fillings. Roller is 30″ wide. Great for between rolls of plastic mulch in the produce patch or lawns. Roller heights is adjustable.

Now a 3 gallon model of the famous Danville edgers.

EDGER312 12″ edger

EDGER318 18″ edger

Best duster to keep a constant cloud of dust. Economical distribution, even, total dust dispersion, all parts non-corrosive. Made of lightweight, high-impact polystyrene plastic housing with nylon squirrel cage blower & Delrin gear system. Hopper capacity about 1 pound of dust.

America’s finest over the shoulder broadcast spreader is here!!
Perfect for farm and home. A totally new and innovatively designed spreader from Earthway, the nation’s leading producer of lawn and garden products.
Outstanding features:
lubrication required. Oscillating shuttle breaks up clumps.
* Control lever with infinite settings. * Weather proof canvas
bag with shoulder strap and zipper. * Molded handle for safety
and stability.

Not an Earthway product. Imported.  looking for a more reasonably priced shoulder seeder/spreader? This is
the one for you. Not built as strong as Earthway’s seeder. PlantMate brand.

Mondi Deluxe mist n spray

Pump-action pressure sprayer is great for applying pesticides, insecticides, soaps, nutrients or just plain water.

  • Constructed from heavy-duty plastic for long life
  • Ergonomically designed handle
  • Adjustable brass nozzle
  • Long nozzle extension for precise control
  • Holding tank holds 1.2 L of liquid


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1 Duster, 1 Gallon, 1 Spreader, 3 Gallon, Chapin backpack, Chapin XP, DEX 30, Diaphragm, Drift guard, Edger12, Edger18, EDGER312, EDGER318, Edger4, Egder6, Gilmour, Herbicide shield, mist n spray, Neptune, Neptune 15 liter, Orion 12, Orion 12 liter, Orion 9, Orion 9 liter, Piston, Repair Kit, Solo Basic, Venus 1, Venus 1 1/2 liter, Venus 2, Venus 2 liter


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