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Now there is no need to bend over to pick up your pecans, English walnuts,  black walnuts, apples, sweet gum balls, tennis or golf balls. Just roll this handy Nut Wizard over them and let it do the
picking up. When full, just dump it out into a 5 gallon pail with the wire dumper.

Walnuts, apples, sweet gum, tennis balls

Pecans or similar size nuts

Large pecan & English walnuts

Produce trays that stack on top of one another or give them a half turn and they nest into one another for a shorter stack when storing them. Made of a tough plastic. Easy to clean. Ventilated bottoms. Come in Blue and Orange.

15.5″ high Top diameters 16.5 x 19.5
Full I bushel size that is easy to carry because of it concave formed sides. A super strong flexible polyethylene with max UV stability. Unique shape makes this basket easy to stack full on
a 42″ x 48″ pallet. When empty, they nest together with only a 1″ between the top of one basket to the other. Housewives, this is a handy laundry basket also. Orange

Utility Basket – Not shown

Can be used to carry and/or wash crops. A super strong flexible polyethylene with maximum UV stability. Housewives – this is a handy laundry basket. Holds about 1 bushel. Orange Can be seen at:https://www.morgancountyseeds.com/product/harvest-basket/

Wooden Baskets Come in Red Peck, natural 1/2 and 1 bushel sizes. Very attractive for display purposes.

9 Quart SS pail

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Nut Wizard, Produce Tray, Basket, Pail, Wooden Basket, Utility Basket


1 Basket, 1 Pail, 1 Peck, 1 Wooden 1/2 Bushel, 1 Wooden Bushel, 20 Baskets, 5 Baskets, 50 Baskets, Blue, Large pecan, Pecan, red, Walnuts


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