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Blue Prince F1


“Princely” is defined as being sumptuous and splendid; this AAS Winner lives up to its name! For any edible entry to become an AAS Winner, it must outperform the comparisons and Blue Prince Pumpkin certainly scored high in the areas of maturity (earlier), yield, fruit size, and uniformity, color, taste, and texture. Vigorous trailing vines produce 7-9 pound beautiful blue flattened pumpkins with non-stringy, deep orange flesh with savory sweetness. These pumpkins are as pretty as they are delicious; after fall decorating, bake the flesh for a smooth and creamy treat. Of all the varieties trialed, Blue Prince was first to flower and fruit which is beneficial for gardeners with a shorter growing season. Plus, this winner has slightly better disease resistance than the comparisons. A judge’s testimonial: “Overall, if I was looking for a blue pumpkin to display AND eat, I’d pick this entry every time!”

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110 days This 2020 AAS award winner is powdery mildew tolerant and Southern
Root Rot resistant. They are 7-9 lbs of blue flattened pumpkins that are non-stringy
and have a deep orange flesh.
pkt has 25 seeds

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1 lb, 1 oz, 1/2 lb, 1/4 lb, 100 seeds, 1000 seeds, 5 lbs, 500 seeds, 5000 seeds, packet


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