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Hi Yield Garden Fertilizer 4#


8-10-8. Provides the proper nutrients necessary to promote
vigorous growth, abundant vegetable harvest and juicy
tomatoes. 4 lb bag.

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Garden Fertilizer 8-10-8 (4 lbs)

Use on vegetables , flowers, trees, shrubs & tomatoes.

Application Rates:

  • Vegetable Gardens and Flower Beds: Apply 1 3/4 lbs per 50 sq. ft. to cultivated soil. For supplemental feeding, apply 1/2 above amount.
  • Tomatoes: Apply 2 tbsp per new plant, 2 lbs per 50 sq. ft. for established plants in bed and 1 1/4 lbs per 20 feet of established plants in row.
  • Trees: Spread evenly to ground out under the widest spread of branches. Keep away from tree trunk. Feed twice a year in early spring and late fall by applying 3/4 lb for each inch of trunk diameter.
  • Shrubs & Ornamentals: In early spring sprinkle a light coating out to the spread of the widest branches at the rate of 3/4 cup to a 3 ft. plant; larger or smaller shrubs in proportion. Keep away from trunk. Water in.


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