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Power Gro Liquid Fertilizers
Fertilizer is made from pure stock and is heavy metal free unlike most cheap fertilizers are. A high quality and clean liquid. Made with pure grade materials.

A mixture of bacteria that help break down crop residue. To use mix with Power-Cal, Power-Sul and Insta-N. Ask for direction on use.

6-18-5. PrudentĀ® was formulated specifically to meet the nutritional needs of alfalfa in early vegetative growth stages and soybeans at V3 and/or R1 stages. Agra Solutions studies have shown that applications have resulted in more branching on the plant, enlarged leaves, reduces
glyphosate yellow flash and increases yield. A product that is widely used in strawberry production in California. Growers have also experienced better plant health when PrudentĀ® Presto Red label is applied prior to the onset of flowering. Can be used through drip lines or foliar applied.

KaPreĀ® ExAlt
A high sodium problem in your soil? Here is the product that you
need to lower the sodium in that soil. KaPre ExAlt is a safe &
effective tool for soil and water maintenance & remediation.
It also unlocks soil-bound micronutrients, while flushing sodium
sodium from the root zone. Use 12 oz per acre every 2 weeks
or 2 pints per month throughout the growing season.

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9-18-9, 3-18-18, Power Cal 8-0-0-9ca, 10-10-10, 5-20-5, Power-Sul 11-0-2-25s, Power-K 2-0-24-16s, Power-N 18-0-0, KR 0-0-23-8s, 5-15-15, Tomato Blend 2-10-10, Vegetable Special 8-5-5, 28-0-0, Residue Cruncher, How to Use Power-Gro, PRUDENTĀ® PRESTO RED, KaPreĀ® ExAlt, 3-15-15


2.5 gallon, 55 gallon, gallon, quart


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