Ask for your copy of recommendations on how to use Insta-Gro in vegetable crops & field crops $1.00.



Insta Gro Liquid Fertilizers
Fertilizer is made from pure stock and is heavy metal free unlike most cheap fertilizers are. This company has 57 years in research and development in crop protection and plant food research. Their farms, on this program for over 50 years, have yields that out yield neighboring farms, both row crops and vegetables. All fertilizers are made out of food grade materials.

A mixture of bacteria that help break down crop residue. To use mix with Insta-Cal, Insta-Sul and Insta-N. Ask for direction on use.

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9-18-9, 3-18-18, Insta Cal 8-0-0-9ca, 10-10-10, 5-20-5, Insta-Sul 11-0-2-25s, Insta-K 2-0-24-16s, Insta-N 18-0-0, KR 0-0-23-8s, 5-15-15, Tomato Blend 2-10-10, Vegetable Special 8-5-5, 28-0-0, Residue Digester, How to Use Insta-Gro


2.5 gallon, 55 gallon, gallon, quart


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