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Rudbeckia Black Eye Susan



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RUDBECKIA Biennial/ Annual CULTURE: Seeds maybe started indoors or outdoors. Indoors: 8-10 weeks before last frost date. In a good
soil substitute like Berger BM 2 place seeds ON soil. DO NOT COVER. Germinate at 70 degrees in the light for 14-21 days in light. but not direct sunlight. OUTDOORS: 2 week before last frost date. 2-3 seeds
per spot. Do not cover. Space plants 12-18″ apart.
2-3 foot tall plant, is branched and bears golden-yellow flowers that have dark purple brown centers. Works great in a dry, sunny location of the garden or wildflower garden.
Approximately 100,000 seeds per oz. PKT size: approx. 3000 seeds

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