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Onion/Leek Plants

Candy – 85 days. Intermediate type onion. Can be grown in the north or south. Produces yellow skinned white flesh bulb with a sweet, mild flavor. With proper care, they will keep until February or March if you do not eat them all by then.

Patterson – 110 days. A yellow globe shaped, slightly pungent F1 reaching up to 4″
Diameter. Will store for 10-12 months when grown in the northern states. Introducing Patterson, our Copra replacement! We were informed several seasons ago that Copra seed was no longer going to be produced. Dixondale Farms purchased all the seed available at the time to meet our customers’ demand for as long as possible. The time has come and we are sure Patterson will continue to provide the longest storage potential our varieties offer. Patterson provides great storage potential, firmness, with larger size potential, better uniformity, and higher yield potential compared to Copra.

Granex White – 95 days. Short day type. Early. Slightly flat bulbs are well known for their mild sweet flavor. Stores for approximately 2 months. Also known as “Crystal Wax”.

Granex Yellow– 100 days. Short day. One of the varieties used in Vidalia county, GA., where they grow the famous Vidalia onions. Very sweet, yellow skinned variety. To be used as a fresh garden onion only. Will not store well. Short day type.

Red Candy – 95 days Intermediate day. Deep, red, flattened, globe shaped sweet hybrid. Up to 4″ in diameter. Stores up to 60 days.

Super Star – Days to Harvest: 95 Intermediate day. White, globe shaped, sweet, hybrid Size Potential: 4″  Storage Potential: 2 months

Also known as Sierra Blanca. Only white onion ever to win the coveted All-American Selection. This is a proven variety for intermediate and northern short day areas. The strong tall foliage will protect the bulbs from sunburning.

Texas Supersweet – 115 days. Short day. The most popular yellow onion plant we sell. The soft-ball sized, straw color globes are heat & drought tolerant. Keeps for months without losing it’s flavor. Very mild. Short day .

Walla Walla – 90 days Long day. Over wintering type. For fall and early spring sowing in the north. An onion that is sweet, even right from harvest. Must be used soon after harvest as they are poor keepers. states.

Lancelot Leeks – Lancelot leeks are the easiest to grow and most widely adaptable leeks available.


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Short day type– Start bulbing when daylight length reaches 10- 12 hours. Does best in the southern US
Intermediate Day type– Start bulbing when daylight length reaches 12-14 hours. Can be planted most anywhere
Long Day Type– Start bulbing when daylight length reaches 14-15 hours. Does best in the northern US.

Want to add some easy-to-grow onion cousins to your garden? Try some leeks! They’re frost tolerant, and can be grown almost any time of the year because they aren’t dependent on day length the way onions are.

Leeks add beauty to the garden, and don’t take up much space. The tasty greens and white stems will enhance everything from soups and sides to entrees. In fact, this month’s recipe is for a delicious leek dip. Best of all, you’ll have fresh leeks at a fraction of the cost of supermarket varieties.
Lancelot leeks are the easiest to grow and most widely adaptable leeks available. Each bunch contains approximately 60 plants. They can be grown in all areas since they are not day length-dependent. They will continue to grow as long as you continue to blanch them.
Leeks grow best in direct sunlight, in temperatures ranging from 55°-75° F. Plant them in well-drained soil that is neither too acid nor too alkaline. Work a balanced fertilizer (10-20-10) and a pre-emergent herbicide into the soil before planting.
When mature, leeks measure about an inch thick, but you can pull younger leeks to eat them like green onions. You can keep fresh leeks in your refrigerator’s crisper drawer for up to a week. You can also freeze them for up to three months.


45-60 onion plants per bunch.    30 bunches per crate.

Plants should be here around February 15th.


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