85 days. Vigorous plant has fair yields oflarge, clear skinned scarlet red fruits up to1.

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Brandywine Red OP I   85 days. Vigorous plant has fair yields of large, clear skinned scarlet red fruits up to1.5 pounds each. Great flavor. Untreated seed.

Brandywine Yellow  I  90 days. Potato leaf type leaves. Plant produces large, yellow fruits that can weight up to 2 pounds! Great flavor. Untreated seeds.

Brandywine Black-  I  90 days. This delicious tasting fruit is of an unusual color, purple-maroon. 12-16 ounce fruit is oval in shape. Potato leaf type plant bred in the 1800’s. Untreated seed.

Brandywine Pink OP I   80 days. This heirloom Amish variety dates back to 1885 and is generally considered to be world’s best flavored tomato. Plants look like potato vines with good yields of extra-large, clear skinned, light rosy-pink fruits. Untreated seed.

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Black, Pink, Red, Yellow


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