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Toward Saving the Honeybee


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The first edition of this book was published in 2002, four years before the term “Colony collapse disorder” was coined to describe the widespread and growing crisis of honeybee population loss. Yet this decrease in the honeybee population has been ongoing from at least the mid-twentieth century; and as we approach the third decade of the twenty-first century, with each passing year the situation becomes more dire.

Gunther Hauk does not offer a “magic bullet” solution (there is not and cannot be one), but instead provides the straightforward basis for thinking of the honeybee crisis in a different way, which then provides the ground for taking action appropriately.

The sound, holistic approach outlined here is needed now more than ever. Written out of a deep love and concern for the earth and all of creation, Gunther Hauk’s Toward Saving the Honeybee is a light that shows the way forward for farmers, gardeners, hobbyist beekeepers, and anyone concerned about the future of our planet.

This new edition is richly illustrated with 57 color photographs and was revised and expanded by the author.

Copyright 2017, paperback, 144 pages


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