3' Flat bed Lift
3′ Flat bed Lift

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3′ Raised bed Pull

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4' Mulch Layer
4′ Mulch Layer

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Double Drip Attachment
Double Drip Attachment

Allows Nolts mulch layer to lay 2 drip lines.

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Blue Ribbon Mulch Layer
Mulch Layers

Blue Ribbon

You asked for it and here it is. A new mulch layer with many of the items you ask for. This layer makes a 5″ high bed in either 20″ or 30″ width depending whether you use 3′ or 4′ plastic mulch. Standard equipment includes rolling dirt shield, side chisels and center fillers. Horse power required to pull this machine is 20 Hp 4 wheel drive or 30 Hp 2 wheel drive. This powder coated machine will keep its paint for years. It was demonstrated locally with great reviews. So here is your chance to own this fine improved mulch layer. We have a link to this layer on line here. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1DsOkxUwQbo&t=9s


IF ONLY THE BEST WILL DO, THIS IS THE LINE FOR YOU.  Rain-Flo™ equipment is the Cadillac line of mulch layers, mulch lifters or waterwheel planters. This equipment is very well made and comes with a powder coated quality baked-on
paint finish.

Features for model 2550:
* Adjustable plastic width from 3′ to 4′ wide.
* It’s compact size can do 60″ row centers.
Features for model 2600:
* Adjustable plastic width from 3′, 4′ or 5′ wide made bed heights from 5″ to 8″.
* Requires a 80 HP or 50 HP 4 wheel drive tractor.
Features of both models:
1) Special rolled bed formers bring fine soil to center of bed where you plant.
2) Adjustable tension brake on plastic roll and drip roll carriers.
3) Rear disc blades are fully adjustable. Can also be tilted up or down to knife into soil for better coverage.
4) Large independent press wheels keep plastic in place.
5) Bed press has adjustable side press plates, for more or less plastic coverage.
6) Spring loaded shovels on side, help loosen soil for cover disc.
7) Full open back makes plastic roll loading easy. 8) will carry 2 4,000′ long rolls of plastic.
8) High speed dirt shields, adjustable row markers, operator seat, and UHMW poly lined bed press
are standard features.
9) Automatic Ro-Trak™ to help lay nice, straight rows of plastic mulch. Or manual Ro-Trak™.

Rain-Flo™ model 345 flat plastic mulch layer
The model 345 flat bed mulch layer will lay 3′, 4′ or 5′ wide plastic mulch. This machine has an independent leveling
blade that floats, and a bed press. The specially designed leveling blade does an excellent job in leveling uneven soil.
Eliminating low spots in the beds that fill with water. Trench openers are behind the bed press so soil can move away to
make the trench. Has extra roll carrier, plus full open back for fast, easy reloading. Big independent press wheels keep
plastic in trench. 16″ cover disks with high speed shields. Compact machine has cat. #1 3 point hitch, adjustable row
markers and drip attachment.

Nolt’s RB436

Designed for use with compact tractors in high tunnels and
fields where close spacing is desirable. 4″ high, 20″ wide bed is
crowned higher in center. Teflon lined bed press gives smooth,
pressed seed bed and eliminates pot holes. Adjustable tension
on plastic roll and independent spring loaded press wheels
ensure plastic is stretched tightly. Large cover disks are
independently spring loaded and are fully adjustable to ensure
that plastic is covered securely. Uses 3′ plastic mulch.



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Pull Rubber Wheels

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Pull Steel Wheels

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