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Bone Meal/ Blood Meal / Bone & Blood Meal


Bone Meal – 0-10-0  A mixture of finely and coarsely ground animal bones and slaughter-house waste products.[1] Due to being rich in phosphorus and calcium It is used as an organic fertilizer for plants and as a nutritional supplement for animals. As a slow-release fertilizer, bone meal is primarily used as a source of phosphorus and protein.

Blood Meal – Natural organic source for long lasting, slow release  nitrogen. 12-0-0 For flowers, lawns, ornamentals and shrubs. Aids in keeping plants in the peak of green.

Bone & Blood – A mixture of both of the above. Adds Nitrogen to Bone Meal  6-7-0

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Bone Meal, Blood Meal, Bone & Blood Meal


1 50#bag, 2.75 lb, 20 lb, 3 lb bag, 4 lb, 8 lbs


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