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Pacifica Mix

12″ tall. Early blooming with excellent garden performance.
Large size blooms.

Little Series

Compact, bushy, 10″ mounds of glossy
gardenia like leafed plants bare plenty of
2-2.5″ blooms.

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VINCA Annual Start seeds indoors 10-12 weeks before transplanting outdoors. In a good soil substitute, like Berger BM-2, place seeds 1/4″ deep. Cover seeds lightly. Germinate in the dark at 70°-75°F for 15-20 days. After emergence, grow seedlings at 60°F with soil on the dry side. In mid summer, plant outside in a sunny, dry location. Vinca is very tolerable to dry weather once established.
Packet 100 seeds.

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Little Series, Pacifica Mix, Pacifica Halo Mix, Pacifica Apricot, Pacifica Really Red, Pacifica White, Pacifica Polka Dot Mix


1,000 seeds, 5000 seeds, packet


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